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Vaping vs Smoking

No Bad Smell

The smell caused as a result of smoking cigarettes is caused by combustion of the tar in the cigarette. Vaporizers use a mixture of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol rather than tar to produce smoke, making them not only smell less but also produce a pleasant scent.

No Dirty Ashtrays

The rolling paper which contains the tabaco of the cigarette produces ash when burnt, creating both a mess and a pungent smell. The vaporizer only creates vapor, meaning less trash, less stench, and no dirty ash trays that need to be emptied. Smoke indoors without creating a mess.

A Lot of Liquid Flavors

Cigarettes are limited to menthol or Tobacco flavoring, vaporizers come in a wide variety of natural and synthetic flavors. From fruity flavors such as Strawberry, Banana and Apples to artificial flavors like cookies, donuts and chocolate cake.

Helps Quit Smoking

E-liquids allow the smokers to control their nicotine intake. E-juices typically come in nicotine levels such as 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml. Some E-juices can may come in higher concentrations such as 24mg/ml or 36mg/ml. Heavy smokers typically find that 12-18mg/ml are adequate concentrations to start with. Regular smokers stick with 6- 12mg/ml. Shorter vape sessions may require higher nicotine concentrations while longer vape sessions require lower concentrations.

More Cost Effective

Smoking is expensive, smoking half a pack of cigarettes in Canada (10-12), means that you spend $7.00 a day, and roughly $2,555.00 per year. A 60ml bottle of e-juice is estimated to last 20-41 days, costing an average of $26.99, totaling a total of $300 a year. Making vaping substantively cheaper.

e-Juice Saver Club

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Low Risk & High Reward

No Membership, no long term commitment. You can cancel, adjust or upgrade your plan anytime as your vaping needs changes over-time.

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